hello. i'm a graphic designer by trait, but i am a memory keeper and family historian by nature. i am interested in shared memories, things that all people have in common. i research this work in my professional work but it slips into my daily life, as i try to hang on to every moment of my children's lives, my own and us, as a family. for as long as i can remember i have loved to just make "things." now, being a mom, these things have turned into products that i sell in my etsy store, froglegstudios.

Our Story

my name is stephanie, most people call me steph. i live in columbia, south carolina. i am originally from pennsylvania. i went to penn state for my undergraduate degree in graphic design (GO LIONS). i went to kent state university and received my masters in visual communication design. i have been married to my husband, denton, whom i met at penn state for over 13 years. we lost our first son to HLHS, but we went to create a happy healthy family, with denton III (AKA lil' d), and james. life is busy but a blessing. 


i work in many areas, design, book arts and memory keeping. i use project life in order to keep track of our daily life, celebrating the everyday along with the big events. this site will showcase all my areas of interest.