project life 2013 :: intro

hi! so this is my 3rd year documenting our lives, i love it, celebrating the everyday moments as well as those HUGE moments in life. this year i am changing up my project life, in the previous years i have done the day by day journaling. i found that hard i would get behind, i would beat myself up about being so far behind. so this year i adopted the weekly summary, I LOVE IT! i am up to date. i am enjoy the process tons more and i have been playing. 

this is my intro for 2013. i saw somethings on pinterest that i liked before the seafoam kit was available. i created a color scheme and patterns that i thought would work well with the kit, i also saw some cool things put out by studio calico, but i was on their wait list for the january project life kit. so again, i just designed my own things, pulling some the things i saw that i like. in the end i am very happy with how it turned out, i am not in love with the picture of the boys, but its will stay in place until i find another or fall in love with it. 

there are a few things that i want to keep reminding myself of this year. i made a little list and i keep it in my studio. 
1. be true to you! (basically follow what i like and not what everyone else is doing, cause i think they are doing it right and i am not).
2. mix black and white photos with full color photos
3. mix photo sizes, cross over the borders.
4. journal, journal, journal. i am probably the weakest here.
5. embellish, such a fine line
6. tell the story of the week
5. mix the page protector designs. been having lots of fun with that!