project life :: week 1

this week, we had our girls night, i go out with a group of amazing ladies, there are 8 total, we call ourselves the two tuesdays (every other tuesday night). we went to unwine and painted peacock. it was very amusing, it had been a long time since i picked up a paintbrush. i decided i haven't missed it. the progress of my painting was in the middle. we got some pictures from the hubby that week and i like to include them when we have them. 

on the week 1, i used thickers, seafoam paper, and some washi tape. i also used thickers on the "gone too long" and then stitched through them. on the right hand page i enlarged a picture that denton sent home, i added some star stickers to it. the backwards cut out text is part of next week's spread. 

and yep that's my oldest son balancing a banana on my friend's dog's nose. he will sit like that until you tell him to go. it's awesome!