project life :: week 4

another fun week but one that felt like it went back to normal, everyone back in their routine. the best part of this week was all the fresh oj. pappy (my father in law) brought us a huge bag of oranges, so many that i didn't know how we would use them all before they went bad. oj seemed the best answer so we enjoyed that many morning. 

the week title card was created using tim holtz cardboard letters that i covered with paper and sanded down then stitched through. we have been playing uno moo in the evenings. this was the first night we played while james was still awake and let me tell you that that little dude beat us both. i thought he and i would play as a team but he was not having it and truly did it all on his own. i used the free cathy zielske download template for instagram pictures. 

all three of the handwritten additions are ali edwards brushes. then i got crazy and decided to journal over 4 cards. the batman cake was for pappy's 65 birthday. i asked the boys what kind of cake we should make, they both said batman, i was looking for chocolate, vanilla, etc.