project life :: week 5

what a fun week! lots going on, lots of fun and lots of sickness. first james then this week denton. blah, knock on wood, i didn't get it.  

i used thickers to detail james's sickness. d had a basketball game and i split that into 3 frames of the protector. it worked out well. this weekend was also a crafty one. we made a hundred eyed monster for the one hundredth day of school. the boys were also crazy for the babysitter putting sticky puffy guys stuck to their face. 

our friend tracy made james's suspenders from masking tape and his headband, which was turned inside out so it didn't hurt his hair. i added a stitched heart sticker there.

i also made a valentine's day wreath made from paper straws. probably the most exciting event of the week was that my huband's foot locker came home! this is a sign in the right direction and we can now start counting down the days until he gets home! i love the bottom left picture of the boys. they look like they were deep in conversation however, d's book buddy at school (its a college student that works on literacy with him) gave him a disposable camera. so d was actually taking a picture of james. 

for the week card, i used a calendar card from jessica sprague. i also did a little shopping this week for small embellishments. i found that most things i had from traditional scrapbooking are too big (i feel) for my project life, got some great deal at two peas in a bucket and studio calico.