project life :: week 7

what another busy week we had, love a busy week, makes the time go fast and i don't sit around thinking about how much longer i have to be a single parent. march can't get here fast enough!

on the news front, i got a wacom tablet yesterday and its an understatement to say i don't know how i lived life without it before! love this thing!

our week was busy because there was of course valentine's day but there was also JAMES'S 3rd birthday. (talk about time going too quickly). big d was in the daily newspaper on monday. i also did a "day in the life" on the 15th. i did this last year for james's birthday so i thought i would do it again this year. my plan is to do it the 15th of every month now.

this is how the week turned out. 

i did a screen grab of the weather because we actually got snow here in SC. flurries nothing that stuck. i used thickers over the image of my leg, having a vein removed in the coming weeks, so this is my before picture. the ladybugs were on a present from james's birthday and it super cute so i kept it. the journal card with the die cut 3 was from my recent studio calico purchase. i realized that because i am doing a weekly summary this year rather than the daily one i am going to run out of large journal cards so i made some. its a 4x6 with chevrons. i made a series of these and now i opened an etsy store to sell them if you are interested. 

this is a layered view of the right hand side, it has first a 7 x 5 page protector with my husband's news article in it. then behind that is james's "day in the life" layout, and last the right hand project life page. 

above is the "day in the life" i used the template that ali edwards made. in the printing there was an error so i will be reprinting this one and then adding a nice chipboard 3 that i had zing'ed to the center of the collaged pictures.

we had a minor mishap with my canon 60D on james's birthday. at first i didn't think anything happened when d knocked it off the table while it was open but if you look closely you can see where it cracked the frame around the screen. thankfully it still functions correctly but it makes me sick to my stomach when i look at it. 

this is a page protector design G. i used my wishblade to cut the "a day in the life" from ali edwards. the picture of james dissenting a pen has a heart from studio calico on it. a little wooden love arrow also from studio calico on the picture of the boys and me. (i have been wanting to get into the habit of also taking a family picture once a month).  on james's birthday candle image i used a chic indie garland. then lastly, on d's picture with samson, i stamped an ali edwards stamp from technique tuesday

so that's week 7, hope you have a good week!

project life :: week 6

this may be my favorite layout so far this year.  the one element that i keep forgetting is that i want to add more b/w photos into my layouts. however, i find this hard because i feel that my b/w photos always look flat. so i did some research and in that search i found a really interesting article about taking better pictures with your iphone. i jump between my iphone and my canon 60D all the time. but the article gave some great tips. here is a link, thanks grumbles and grunts.

this week we did a lot of new things, in week 6 i officially started to blog regularly about our project life journey. we started the count down calendar on the door for daddy's return from deployment. that has been both a blessing and a curse. the boys have been crazy lately with the thought of dad coming home. 

i wanted to remember to take a black and white this week, and who better than our black and white kitty, boots, he has a twin bother too, oreo. i divided the pictures up among the pockets and i think the outcome is pretty interesting. i finally got my small embellishment shipment from studio calico and two peas in a bucket that i had ordered. so the hashtag and the location mark are from studio calico. the tuesday card is one that i purchase from ali edwards collection on designer digitals.

james has been completely funny lately with what he has said. he has an obsession with chapstick and hand sanitizer, not so much that he uses them just carries them around, like a lot of them, like 6 chapsticks at a time. so i made a jamesisms card with funny things that he has said lately. i used some new paper that i got from two peas in a bucket to make the week card on top of the seafoam core kit, then i stitched the two together. i used a studio calico little wood arrow and inked it black. the ampersand card was a freebie from studio calico and the "keep calm and snap on" card was also a freebie that i found on pinterest. the "so much love for you." is also a ali edwards' from designer digital. 

coming up next week is 

james's 3rd birthday
a day in the life