project life :: week 12

i swear since Denton has gotten home, we haven't stopped moving. he has taken up all my regular "me" time or just my "get my stuff done" time. but of course i wouldn't change it for the world. 

so here is week 12. i have to put the finishing touch on the week 13 layout and then i will have that ready to share. i am actually on track with my project life production, just not with posting them here.

this week james got his first ever hair cut, he's 3! he looks like such a big boy now. i used cathy zielske, tiny templates from designer digitals to create his before and after picture. the little yellow and white striped bag from studio calico contains some of his curls closed it with some weekday washi tape. i used ali edwards' week day cards also from designer digitals to journal our crazy wednesday. the hello card is from the march studio calico project life kit. have i mentioned how much i love those kits, so fun.

james had an heart echo done this week, at his 3 year appt the dr. heard a murmur, turned out to be nothing, his heart is perfect and beautiful. i used my wacom tablet to write that directly on the digital image before i sent it off to shutter fly. i used another 4 x 6 inch card from studio calico kit to create this week's main journaling card. i also used an technique tuesday ali edwards' stamp and some washi tape.

on the right hand side, i used some small sticker from studio calico to write "gator boys" and "king of rebounds" on the pictures directly. the pictures of d with his promised 4-wheeler for being a good boy while dad was deployment, just make me smile, look how happy he is! the heart card and high five were also included in studio calico's march kit. the little yellow heart sticker was also from studio calico. lots of studio calico this week.

well i have to go pull a margarita cheesecake from the oven, look for that recipe on the yummy goodness link. 

up next week :: lots of easter and school related activities. 

project life :: week 9

play catch up this week. last week was my spring break and so i got a little bit off schedule. 

in week 8 i used a 12 x 12 photo of the boys having a sleepover so this week i needed another 12 x 12 to start off the spread. i choose to take a photo of my most prized easter decorations. my mom and gram (her mom) painted these back in the 80's. my mom passed about 3 years ago and these were definitely in my memory vault from my childhood. i am happy that my sister and i didn't fight over them. putting them out each year is bittersweet.

the little tag was from pixel & company and i printed it on vellum. the little bunny is a cute shrink technique from darcie's heart & home. they were in columbia a few weeks ago for the stamp, scrap, art tour. i have some plans to do some fun stuff with the shrink paper. 

the highlight of the week was my new wacom tablet purchase. i love this thing and seriously don't know how i lived life without it until now. the picture with d and the written ouch written on it was done with my wacom. it's so much fun. the picture of more touch boxes coming home says "soon you will be home," was written directly on the photo with a precision pen by american crafts, the home sticker is from studio calico. the "this week card is an ali edwards from designer digitals. the week title card that has all the dates on it was from the studio calico march project life kit. this is my first month getting it and i LOVED it, so worth the money and the waitlist. the hello is the install window from the wacom software, i took a screen grab of that. i thought the typography was fun. we celebrated dr. seuss's birthday with some special cupcakes from sweet. and probably my most favorite image from the week is d's picture of a the bear (or a he spelled it baer). this is the first time that he has written anything other than his name without copying it from a print out or someone else's writing. 

project life :: week 6

this may be my favorite layout so far this year.  the one element that i keep forgetting is that i want to add more b/w photos into my layouts. however, i find this hard because i feel that my b/w photos always look flat. so i did some research and in that search i found a really interesting article about taking better pictures with your iphone. i jump between my iphone and my canon 60D all the time. but the article gave some great tips. here is a link, thanks grumbles and grunts.

this week we did a lot of new things, in week 6 i officially started to blog regularly about our project life journey. we started the count down calendar on the door for daddy's return from deployment. that has been both a blessing and a curse. the boys have been crazy lately with the thought of dad coming home. 

i wanted to remember to take a black and white this week, and who better than our black and white kitty, boots, he has a twin bother too, oreo. i divided the pictures up among the pockets and i think the outcome is pretty interesting. i finally got my small embellishment shipment from studio calico and two peas in a bucket that i had ordered. so the hashtag and the location mark are from studio calico. the tuesday card is one that i purchase from ali edwards collection on designer digitals.

james has been completely funny lately with what he has said. he has an obsession with chapstick and hand sanitizer, not so much that he uses them just carries them around, like a lot of them, like 6 chapsticks at a time. so i made a jamesisms card with funny things that he has said lately. i used some new paper that i got from two peas in a bucket to make the week card on top of the seafoam core kit, then i stitched the two together. i used a studio calico little wood arrow and inked it black. the ampersand card was a freebie from studio calico and the "keep calm and snap on" card was also a freebie that i found on pinterest. the "so much love for you." is also a ali edwards' from designer digital. 

coming up next week is 

james's 3rd birthday
a day in the life

project life :: week 3

i was still on a disney high this week so a few more disney moments crept into my layouts. 

i made the week 3 by cutting down some of the seafoam cardstock, i printed the days of the week on it. used two different designs of washi tape for adhering the little typewriter picture down. the 3 button comes from a series from ormolu. LOVE ormolu. 


this week d had a field trip and for him the best part of any field trip is the best ride. i used a ali edwards' brush from designer digitals from the friends writing at the top. for the summary card i used the 4 x 6 from the seafoam kit and handlettered the 14-20 then colored them in with my copic markers.

on this side, i added two postcards, one from disney and the other from a former student who went to london over the holidays. a picture of me with all my BLING! and the coolest thing for me this week was getting a text from a friend asking if i wanted to go to see the miranda lambert, dierks bentley and lee brice concert, only hours before it started. umm hell yes i want to go! so the concert pictures went down the center. i wrote on them with a white gel pen. the open pocket, i added in some confetti, plush little hearts and an S charm that my friend gave me while we were in disney. lastly, my concert ticket with an ali edwards brush that i stitched through. very fun week.