project life :: week 9

play catch up this week. last week was my spring break and so i got a little bit off schedule. 

in week 8 i used a 12 x 12 photo of the boys having a sleepover so this week i needed another 12 x 12 to start off the spread. i choose to take a photo of my most prized easter decorations. my mom and gram (her mom) painted these back in the 80's. my mom passed about 3 years ago and these were definitely in my memory vault from my childhood. i am happy that my sister and i didn't fight over them. putting them out each year is bittersweet.

the little tag was from pixel & company and i printed it on vellum. the little bunny is a cute shrink technique from darcie's heart & home. they were in columbia a few weeks ago for the stamp, scrap, art tour. i have some plans to do some fun stuff with the shrink paper. 

the highlight of the week was my new wacom tablet purchase. i love this thing and seriously don't know how i lived life without it until now. the picture with d and the written ouch written on it was done with my wacom. it's so much fun. the picture of more touch boxes coming home says "soon you will be home," was written directly on the photo with a precision pen by american crafts, the home sticker is from studio calico. the "this week card is an ali edwards from designer digitals. the week title card that has all the dates on it was from the studio calico march project life kit. this is my first month getting it and i LOVED it, so worth the money and the waitlist. the hello is the install window from the wacom software, i took a screen grab of that. i thought the typography was fun. we celebrated dr. seuss's birthday with some special cupcakes from sweet. and probably my most favorite image from the week is d's picture of a the bear (or a he spelled it baer). this is the first time that he has written anything other than his name without copying it from a print out or someone else's writing. 

project life :: week 8

last week i think i was on picture overload mode with james's birthday. that i didn't really take that many images this week. 

because of how i decided to create the spread this week, i ended up needing to combine my week title card with my week summary card and i was pretty pleased with the results. i downloaded the cute "love this" card from pixels & company, then i stitched it on top of a becky higgins grid card. i made sure to score the top of the "love this" card so that it would fold open neatly. i used some washi tape on the end of the seafoam card, then i stitched a studio calico, darling dear paper and another seafoam dotted card together, dated it and added the studio calico thought bubble with a thicker 8. 

used the camera + app on my iphone to take the picture of james. love that app! then with a precision pen i wrote "love that kid" on the photo and drew a little border. on the picture of san pants james i added a elle's studio circle tag heart. the picture of d's basketball game i took using slow camera+ app, it's pretty cool for capturing long exposures, i have been wanting to try it at night with car lights and signage. so the picture is intentionally blurry. the metallic S sticker is martha stewart's that i found on clearance. 

so this week i got totally crazy and did the spread with a 12 x 12. the boys had a sleepover and i had found this cute free "like it, Facebook" download from pinterest. here's the link. i actually posted this comment on facebook when i saw the boys sleeping together. put the image and card together in photoshop and sent it off to persnickety prints. 

so that's week 8. naturally week 9 will have a 12 x 12 now. not sure i love that because it doesn't give me a lot of space but it is a nice solution for a week when you don't shoot a lot. 

have a good week.