week 23

hello, welcome to project life week 23. 

this was a bittersweet week. the last day of denton being in pre-school, although he will still be in the same classroom with the same fabulous teacher and my BFF next year. his montessori program has them pre-k 3 to kindergarten. james said good-bye to our private sitter, an amazing woman, who has been taking care of the boys part time since d was 6 months. i cried dropping him off and picking him up all week. she will be deeply missed on a daily basis.  

james is the creative one of the two boys. he loves to cook and craft, if i have something out he wants a piece of the action. i used part of a studio calico project life kit card for the first image's journaling. stickers also from studio calico to document tropical storm andrea's arrival to the carolinas. i wrote on that image with the precision pens too. the two journaling cards are also from studio calico. i used ali edwards's technique two's summer rocks stamp series for the pink card.

the one thing i love the most about living here is that its just a day trip to the beach if you want to go. so on our first official day of summer vacation, we packed up a bunch of friends and kids and went to the beach. no beach trip is complete without ice cream.

for the week title card, again i used a studio calico project life card with thickers and a summer rocks stamp. on the picture of the boys with our homemade popsicles i used the totally rad actions in photoshop. they also have an app for your phone and i HIGHLY recommend it. the other images i used the precision pens to write directly on the photos.

all and all, a busy week, a fun week, the start of summer week. 


week 22

playing a little catch up from the crazy canning experience. see the projects section for that post. here we are week 22.  

this was denton's last full week of school. summer is just around the corner. i thought we would have lazy summer, late mornings but no we are one the same wake up schedule, same run schedule but the afternoons are a bit lazier.  

GONE is thickers that i sewed to the image, this is a series that followed my vein removal surgery. all that's left now is small marks. the hello? is the stickers series from the studio calico project life kit, march. below that i used the precision pens from american crafts to write on the image. the die cut is the reverse of the starter layout (which i haven't finished yet). it says summer joy when right reading. the last image on the left is my new favorite brooks running shoes. i wrote directly on that photo too with the precision pens. the first two journaling cards also come from the studio calico project life kits. the "learn grow happy love smile" is a card from the project life bridgeport mini edition.  the last journaling card on this side is from the seafoam addition, i wrote on the stripes and then added the small gold stars from the studio calico project life kits. i like how that one turned out. 

i cut out a banner from a studio calico card and added handwriting to it for the "world;s greatest," i saw ali edwards create a image using the awesome card from the studio calico project life kit, i really liked how her's looked so i borrowed that idea. the rest of the journaling cards are also from studio calico project life kits. i added a wood heart which i colored with tim holtz's barn door stamp pad to color. the yellow heart on the black and white image is also studio calico. the last small image is has a cut down journal card from the seafoam edition with a wooden @ also from studio calico. the images of the salsa also has a cut down journaling card from studio calico, i added some handwritten text there and cut the card. the last card on this spread is also from the studio calico project life kits. i am really enjoying the kits, can you tell?

week 21 + free download

welcome to week 21. this is the last spread in my first 2013 album. i figured the start of our summer break would be a good place to leave off and start a new album, plus i still want this one to be able to close. : ) 

this week i am also offering a free .png cut file of one of the die cuts i made for my layout.   

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"tough guys" is written with the stickers from the studio calico 's may project life kit. the true story card is part of the sea foam project life kit as is the "you are here." i cut that down with a circle cutter and wrote on it with a precision pen. "the story of today" card is part of a series that i found at michael's. it is park of the echo park paper co, they have super cute stuff. on the strawberry cake i used a flag and put a wood "S" from studio calico on it. 


 "live each ..." card on the title card is also part of the echo park paper co. then i used thickers to create the week 21. the arrow washi tape is from smash. the "super duder" flag comes from ormolu. "ride on" is a sticker from studio calico. then i wrote on the image with the precision pen again. i used the may calendar in the studio calico project life kit, and the blue card and today card are also from the kit. the butter dude image has a tag that says, "this little guy means SUMMER." the paper is from the summer series of the echo park paper co. the word summer are stickers from the march studio calico kit. i wrote again with the precision pen.  the "never a dull moment" was something that i created with my silhouette

this week, a freebie for you is the "never a dull moment," .png. i hope you enjoy it!

have a great week. week 22 should also be up this week.  


week 18

on a catch-up roll here. this is project 18, aka prep for disney week!

the other big news of this week was the lil'd lost his first tooth!

the little red and white chevron envelope is from the paper source, i used some washi tape from smash to close it, i made the small tag from becky higgins grid card. the journal card next to it is from ali edwards, i printed it out using silver metallic ink on the silhouette. i used cards from both the baby edition of project life and the sea foam addition to make the small journal cards on the other pictures.

i created the week title card using some paper that i ordered from two peas in a bucket. the "this" card is from the sea foam edition of project life. and the little location wood piece is from studio calico. the blue stripped card is from echo park paper co. again something i picked up at michael's. on thursday of this week, i decided that it was time to make the boys some mickey clothes, we were leaving monday and the boys didn't know where were going anywhere. so i had to make them in secret. 

then last but not least, was the kenny chesney concert, with eli young band and zac brown band, great concert and a date night for denton and me, it was to celebrate our 10th anniversary which he missed in november.

up next week, our disney world vacation!

week 17 + day in the life

welcome to week 17 and also a day in the life on april 28. let's go!

the big news for this week. we got a new dog, yep, that makes two. her name is mollie. we got her from midlands golden rescue. we are told she is almost 5 but the vet disagrees and thinks she is more like 3. 

the garden is a growin' so nice to walk out the back door and have so many yummy things to gather up. we got our first 2 tomatoes this week. denton got a basketball hoops this week and he has been doing great in math at school lately. we also did our annual march for babies walk. team "will walk for peanut" raised over $3200 this year.

the little camera card is from studio calico project life kits. i printed out the week number and date on the epson printer, cut them down and glued them onto the card. easy. i added a hash tag wood symbol from studio calico also and then wrote "so proud" with the precision pens again. the recorded card is from the project life seafoam addition.

once a month i like to try and do a daily look at life, it's called a day in the life and is something that i picked up from loving ali edwards. so i just happened to pick the day we got mollie. i wasn't super detailed about the time which i have done a hourly look in the past. but today was more general, i divided it into morning, afternoon and evening and then the story of the day which of course was mollie. this is a 6x12 layout. 

on the back i created at grid of pictures that i took throughout the day.

every year i take a picture of d next to his march of dimes alley picture. hard to believe that he is 5 now. we had strawberries ripen this week, i was very excited but we have none since. : ( the plant is healthy and growing but no new blooms. while we were hunting for a new dog we found these two cuties, beauty and rocky. after the march of dimes walk was the sparkleberry fair. d got to be spiderman for awhile. there is used the precision pen and an wire arrow that i got from two peas in a bucket. the 4x6 and grow where you are planted" cards are from studio calico as well.

have a good one!

week 15

happy memorial day! let us not forget all the service members that have given their lives for the freedom that we enjoy. freedom isn't free. thank you!

since i live in a free land i thought today would be a perfect day to take this new site live! i would love to hear from you. please like me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StephanieNaceDesigns or follow this blog and leave me some comments. thanks!

so here we go, week 15. i am actually up to date in my project life but just behind on the blog so i will be working on that this week. i hope to be caught up but the end of the week.

this was a very exciting week, lil'd started reading at school, he even read "the desert" book to his whole class. so proud of him. we also took james to old mccaskill's farm on friday, we all really enjoyed the trip.

denton and i had a sushi lunch date this week. its been so nice having him back home. i wrote directly on the photo with american craft's precision pen. the "heart" this stamp comes from hello forever and was part of the studio calico project life kit for may. the two larger 4x6 cards are also from studio calico. the two smaller cards also from studio calico. i used the "let the adventure begin" stamp on d's image of his reading to the class. that stamp is from the same hello forever series. the cheesecake, by the way, is a margarita cheesecake, i will have to include that recipe on the projects page. 

the right side was dedicated to our trip to old mccaskill's farm. it sprinkled on us for a bit during lunch but it was a really great trip. this place is a b&b and working farm. they serve a country lunch on fridays. let me tell you what, it's some of the best food i have ever had! they have dogs, horses, goats, chickens, cows, pigs, pretty much you name it and it's there. james really enjoyed it. i took a lot of pictures there and these were the most touching for me. i loved how he studied the animals, he has a funny little habit of putting his hands behind his back, love it. nothing sweeter than watching him and his daddy together. i took the larger picture in the chicken coup, i loved the color shift. i made that an 12x8 image and then cut it up to fit the layout of the design A photo protector sheet. i cut a 3x4 card down and used just the circle of "you are loved," and then used the "simple & real" from the studio calico project life kits.