canning overload

i recently went to a class at old mccaskill's farm, in rembert, sc. i knew how to can in a hot bath from years of doing that with my mom and grammy. i never knew how to pressure can and the thought of it kinda scared me. when we saw this class, my BFF and i signed up, we would concur pressure cooker canning. just in case you don't know, you have to pressure can an item when it doesn't contain enough acid. so many vegetables need to be pressurized. after the class, i went a little nuts which is why i am a little behind on the project life. in one weekend i canned 20 quarts of pickles, 21 quarts of potatoes, 6 quarts of green beans, 18 pints of strawberry jalapeño jam, 6 pints of corn and 8 pints of applesauce. it was a lot of work and i felt a little a squirrel storing up for the winter. 

these were the green beans at that we canned at the farm. 

we went to the big state farmers market here in SC and got a ridiculous amount of food for very little money. i had never bought a bag of potatoes before or 40 ears of corn at one time. it was crazy. my BFF and i split the cost and we only spent $50 each.

my most favorite thing that i made was the strawberry jalapeño jam. strawberry season closed this week in SC so i got these just in time. below is the recipe i used. so so good.